“Leading With Edge was a well thought out program.  The different classes and instructors helped to offer a well-rounded suite of valuable information.  The strong leadership of the classes encouraged engaging conversations and feedback from the women around the table.  I strongly recommend this program for all women looking to develop stronger communication skills and move forward in their career.” 

​Elizabeth Flagler
PSEG Long Island
Leading with Edge Spring 2017 Graduate

The Leading With Edge program was so rewarding! It was a safe environment in which you could share experiences while learning new skills. One of the best leadership programs I have ever been involved in! The facilitators as well as the participants were very impressive. I have a new network of ladies to utilize.  Thanks Ivy and team!    

Eileen Troisi, WPG Americas Inc​

Leading with Edge 2016

​The Rising with Edge course is an essential foundation for women starting their careers as well as those seasoned in their respective industries. It is an eye opener with regards to the negative things we do unconsciously to stall and derail our career journey. With each session, you will walk away with tools and techniques for handling everyday challenges. The “Big Vision” is a soul-searching exercise that is well worth the time and effort.

Stacey Haggerty, PSEG Long Island
Rising with Edge 2017

The Leading with Edge Program provided an intimate and open environment for executive women leaders to share experiences with one another. The guest instructors were engaging and insightful, providing guidance we could put in practice right away. Women don’t always take the time we should to focus on building a network of peers and advocates. The Leading with Edge sessions introduced me to a group of bright and supportive women executives working on Long Island, and I intend to stay in touch with these dynamic women.

Katherine Demacopoulos, CA Technologies

​Leading with Edge 2016

I found Rising with Edge to be a very informative, unique leadership class.  Tailored to its female audience, Rising with Edge did a great job at bringing up points like confidence issues, communication issues, and networking issues that women face in the work place, especially a male dominated work place.  To have a space where I could realize these frustrations and learn to work around and with them was very valuable to me.  Ivy and her guest speaker Leslie were full of information and were understanding, but were assertive in trying to break down bad habits and build better ones for myself and my peers.  I would recommend this course to any woman in business who is looking to take on a leadership role at work or looking to improve upon their business reputation.” 

 Jill Geraghty, PSEG Long Island
Rising with Edge 2017

​​​What did I gain by attending Leading with Edge?  A group of powerful women who became friends and supporters; real world lessons for the workplace and beyond; courage and the strength to take the next steps in advancing my career.  Not your ordinary Executive Leadership Course for Women, so much more.  Thank you, Ivy for bringing together an impressive team of facilitators and a progressive curriculum.  Looking forward to your other programs! 

Suzanne Brienza, PSEG-LI​
Leading with Edge 2017

Leading with Edge was extremely helpful for both my career and personal development. I joined the program during a promotion year - a critical point in my career. The best part of the program is that I was able to apply what I learned right away - both at home and at work. It was also great to network with other extraordinary women leaders at other organizations and to be reassured that many of us share similar experiences. I highly recommend this program!

Carline Thompson (Bernard), Ernst & Young
Leading with Edge 2017 

The Rising with Edge leadership training program provided an invaluable opportunity to connect with other women leaders in a collaborative environment.  I have no doubt that the relationships that we developed and the leadership skills that we learned will be instrumental to our success as we progress in our careers.  Beyond just offering tangible skills, however, this course encouraged each of us to reflect on our visions for the future and the steps necessary to achieve our goals.  I would recommend this course to any woman looking to gain an edge in her field and advice on how to take her career to the next level.

Michelle Bholan, Rivkin Radler LLP

Rising with Edge 2017

The Leading with Edge Program is such a powerful program where participants are able to have an eye-opening awareness of one’s self.  It provides a comfortable environment for women to share their vulnerabilities, insecurities, and frustrations in the workplace while empowering them to recognize their strengths and abilities and providing tools to have the confidence to reach for goals that may have once seemed unattainable.  So, glad to have participated in the 6-week program and I look forward to more.  Many thanks to Ivy and the instructors!

Karyn Kemp-Smith, PSEG Long Island 

Leading with Edge 2017

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