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Fall 2017 Program Highlights

                October 13                Session 1             Introspection: The Authentic You

                October 20                Session 2             Confidence: Vision and Leadership Presence 

                October 27                Session 3             Mind Over Matter – Managing Your Perspective 

                November 3              Session 4             Influence: Leadership Relationship Building 
                November 17            Session 5             Turning Adversity to Your Benefit 
​                December 1              Session 6             Communication: Language of Leadership

Leading with Edge is a program designed for senior level women looking to enrich and advance their current leadership skills while learning strategies to lead their teams to reach higher levels of success. Using innovative approaches this 6-week course focuses on practical real-world methodologies including focused skills that women need to incorporate in their strategies to lead and be ahead of the rest.

Leading With Edge

​A leadership program for executive women leaders