The Ivy Network Concept

The Ivy Network Inner Circle

​An exclusive networking group for Edge Program Alumni 

Haven’t found the right group of professional women to network with?

You haven't looked in the right place. Read on and learn why The Ivy Network (TIN) Inner Circle is for you.  

What’s special about TIN Inner Circle?

All of the members of TIN Inner Circle have participated in one of our Edge Programs and as a benefit become a member of the Inner Circle for life!  The professional women that join an Edge Program not only want to meet other spectacular businesswomen, but they are looking to meet women who want to advance their careers and develop into stronger bolder leaders. 

What other networking group give you complimentary life membership? 

There are no other women's networks that offer this. 

Why do we offer such an amazing benefit? We have found that when women learn together, they form a remarkable bond.  The connection is further fostered by spending quality time with other Edge professional women in learning and social settings.  An essential point to The Ivy Network Edge programs is the development of relationships with other women of influence.  Put all of this together and tremendous personal and professional growth happens. 

So what is holding you back from joining an Edge Program today?  

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